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Unnoticed Broken Sprinkle Floods Basement

Sep 22nd, 2008No Comments

Single property owner living in a big house usually doesn’t need to visit her empty basement. However, the day she needed to go downstairs, she was surprised to see a wet floor with black mold growing along the walls. Upon further inspection, it was realized that the water damage had been present for several weeks.

After contacting NuBilt, a crew was dispatched to prevent any further damages. Due to the mold presence, all demolition had to be done under containment and negative pressure with experienced certified technicians.
Upon completion an independent industrial hygienist was hired to verify that NuBilt had performed all necessary steps. After the testing, the approval was given to proceed with the reconstruction of the basement. A couple weeks later the homeowner was finally able to enjoy her new basement when she feels the need again.

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