Living in areas that experience snowfall in the winter can usher ice damming issues on the roof. Ice damming is a condition in which a dam is formed on the roof, allowing for melted water to pool, seep underneath shingles and subsequently cause a roof leak.

The cause of ice damming is generally attributed to a poorly ventilated attic or roof structure. When heat isn’t evenly distributed throughout the underlayment of the roof, snow on parts of the roof will melt while other parts will stay in a solid state.

Here is a diagram of what ice damming looks like on a house:
Ice damming Denver (source:

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For an in-depth look into causes, results and solutions for ice damming, watch this ice damming webinar created by Kipcon.

If you have experienced a roof leak during the winter season, there is a great chance the leak can be a direct result of ice damming. It is imperative that the issue is confronted and the cause of the ice damming is eliminated. A roof leak, besides the apparent water dripping inside your property, can lead to mold damage resulting in a sick household. If your property has undergone ice damming or you think your property is susceptible to ice damming, contact NuBilt right away. NuBilt has handled all types of ice damming scenarios and properly repaired the problem while preventing it from happening again.

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